Real Estate/Property Management Inspection

Recently, I performed a home inspection in Palatine for a real estate/property management company. Very little information about the house other than its address was provided. Upon arrival I was surprised to see a village notice on the door that the house was already condemned. At that point I figured this would be an interesting inspection. My guess is the property managers wanted to know if the house was salvageable or not. The inspection was for them to see if there would be a reasonable return on their investment to rehab the house or just sell the lot.

A full inspection was not possible because the gas and water were both turned off. As I made my way through the property I could not see a clear reason see why the house was condemned, which made me assume it was due to taxes. Although the structure of the house was in pretty decent shape and there was no apparent water or insect damage, every single room would require a full rehab. Here are some of the pictures from the inspection.

Just another inspection that shows we never know exactly what we’ll find!