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Summer Outside Home Maintenance

Summer home maintenance on the outside of your home is something no one really wants to do.

Maintenance is not exciting by any means, but it is important.

Fixing small cracks or caulking around windows and doors, early on, can prevent water from penetrating your homes exterior weather envelope.

The old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” really does apply.

Walking around your home during the summer or really anytime and seeing what needs to be done can help prevent minor issues from getting out of hand.

Taking the time to fix small items as they pop up saves you time and potentially a bunch of money.

You don’t have to do these in any order nor all on the same weekend.

Here are the items I check on my home every summer.

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts. I usually wait until the maple trees are done seeding before I do this one.
  • Check the caulking around windows and doors. This helps to prevent water from getting in and it can also help save you some money on your energy bills.
  • Clean the outside AC unit. Clean and straighten the fins (you can get a fin straightening tools for next to nothing at the home center), remove any debris and trim back any bushes next to the unit. These things will help prolong the life of the unit and help it run more efficiently, saving you money.
  • Take a look at your sidewalks and driveway for cracks and buckling and do the necessary repairs right away. Over time sidewalks and driveways can lift or shift and create a tripping hazard.
  • Take a look at the siding and foundation. Look for cracks, loose siding etc. Repair these right away. A small crack can lead to huge repair bills down the road if left unattended.
  • Trim tree limbs that hang over your roof and gutters. Keeping trees trimmed can help prevent rodents from getting on your roof and making your home their home.
  • Check your outside faucets and hoses for leaks. Replace old and cracked hoses and change the washers every year.
  • Check your garage door. Tighten any loose bolts and oil the hinges. Also check your garage door opener. Make sure the phot sensors work and the auto reverse functions properly.
  • Check exterior doors includes the storm doors. Oil the hinges and check the weather stripping. Once again keeping the weather stripping in good shape can save you money on your energy bills.
  • Every summer you hear about decks collapsing on the news. Of all the items listed so far don’t blow this one off. If you have a deck or balcony walk around it and take a close look at it. Grab a hold of it and give it a good shake. It should NOT move, wobble or creak.  Check where the deck or balcony meets the house. Check the hand rails, balusters and stairs. Are they solid?  Look for nails that have popped out. Look at the finish, does it need to be water proofed, repainted or stained?
  • Be careful with this one. Look for nests around your house. Birds, bees, wasp, mice and others all like to use your house as a place to setup shop. Be careful if you do find something and you’re not comfortable taking care of it or your allergic stay away and call a professional.
  • Summer is also a good time to touch up any painting that might need to be done on the outside of your house.

I’m sure I missed some things, but the idea is to go out and take a look around and see what needs to be done.

Home maintenance is an ongoing task and staying on top of it saves you time and money.

isolated check list for home maintenance
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