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Doing a house inspection is more than just the technical process…

Doing a house inspection is more than just the technical process…

I did an inspection a few weeks ago for a young couple, it was their first house purchase.

They were great to work with. They had a ton of great questions and were very involved with the inspection process.

As a Home inspector, the interaction with my clients and providing them with excellent customer service is invaluable.

The task of purchasing a house, whether it’s your first or tenth, can be a daunting one. Moving is stressful no matter how many times you’ve done it.

Almost any licensed home inspector is going to give you an adequate house inspection.

The difference between adequate and excellence in the home inspection business is the level of customer service that is provided.

Taking the time to ask and answer questions helps to take some of the stress out of that daunting process.

Back to our young couple. They did purchase the house and, as a direct result of my excellent inspection, were able to get a reduction in the price of the house.

They are using that money help fix some of the issues I found during the inspection.

I’m glad I was able help them take the next step in their new adventure.

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