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Aging in Place

Baby boomers are retiring in larger numbers every year.  They want to maintain an independent lifestyle and stay in the house they worked so hard to pay off.

Because of this, there is a real need to make sure that these houses are safe.

An “aging in Place” home inspection is great idea if you or someone you love would like to stay in their current house as they grow older.

NWCHI provides a detailed aging in place home inspection. We will wok with the house owner and family members to help ensure that the house is safe for older occupants.

We will make suggestions on physical changes to the house that will help extend the occupants ability to safely stay in their house. Appliances, plumbing, chair lifts, grab bars, etc.

The suggestions will also include setting up maintenance schedules. Things like HVAC inspections, gutter cleaning, lawn services, snow removal, etc.

We will talk about house security systems, automated lighting control, HVAC controls, cameras, personal alert bracelets.

We will also discuss other aspects of independent living as well such as, in home nursing care, grocery and medication deliveries, maid service, senior transportation options, etc.

Growing older doesn’t mean giving up your independence. It does mean making smart decisions and putting a plan in place.

If you are nearing retirement or recently retired, acting now will allow you to spend your golden years in your house.

Old couple with house. Senior people standing near mansion.
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